It is an evaluation of your academic credentials of your country obtained across your studies. The result is an Equivalence of your studies in your country to the studies in the USA. This equivalence is valid of for life and is granted by an Institution credited to national level.

You must send your academic credentials and of work (not original) photocopies authenticated by public notaries or pertinent authority. Once received the credentials in this association, the same ones will be translated into the language English and certified the translations. Then all the credentials and your translations will be sent to the institution assessor in order that it produces an official equivalence of your credentials here in the United States.

Your evaluation and official equivalence is valid and necessary for any management that is going to be done in obtaining it licenses necessary to exercise your profession in the U.S.A., equally, to request any Visa Immigrate professional to be employed at USA and for any other matter curricular.

  • Certified copy of the Diploma or Certificate obtained in your country.
  • Copy of the Record of Notes
  • Copy of the Identity Identification or Professional Certificate (if any).
  • Curriculum Vitae/Résumé.
  • Letter of recommendation of Superior or ex-companions
  • 3 passport size photos
  • National Association for Foreign Attorneys (N.A.F.A.)
  • 1er Instituto L.E.E.G.A.L. de Florida (F.L.I.F.)
  • People’s University of the Americas (U.N.P.A.M.),
  • International Academy of Scientific and Academic Tourism (A.I.T.C.A.)

You will receive material of support, update and academic revision in Spanish and English with the objective that you could qualify to your own time and I spread in the last advances, rules and laws of the state of the Florida and USA. Besides, later you will answer an exam of training to demonstrate that you have caught the necessary education to this training.

  • You will receive the Evaluation and Official Equivalence in the shape of Certification and Letter of 1ILF
  • A Certificate of Training sent by NAFA and supported by UNIPAM and by AITCA.
  • A Certificate of Membership to the Association NAFA per one year and a Identity Identification for one year with all the benefits that there offers NAFA (To see List of Benefits)
  1. To send an e-mail specifying the following information: Complete Name, Direction, Telephone, Nationality, Title or Certification and details of the form of payment: Credit cards: Number, Expiry date or Details of the transference of electronic deposit.
  2. To provide by post or courier the whole necessary documentation.
  3. To effect the necessary payment to begin the process. This payment can be realized by card of credit or transference of electronic deposit.

Once received the payment corresponding to your validation, the e-mail with your general information and the whole necessary documentation, will spread the Certificate of Membership and guarantee of the Association NAFA in an average of 48 hours after the receipt. Later the rest of the program and validation in the course of 30 days. The prices of the validations of the available professions detailed in these pages under the category "Seminars & Workshops ". At these prices you will deduce fifty percent (50 %) of the price that appears on screen, you only pay 50%, the half of the prices established for every regular seminar.