NAFA Attorneys P.A., is an Attorneys' Company that heads a net of Companies of Attorneys specializing in international matters and of the North American Law.

N.A.F.A., National Association for Foreign Attorneys, is a Miami, Florida based Association with international reputation. NAFA was founded for the first time in the year 1991 under the trade name of ABOGADOS, CORP. Later in the year 1993 NAFA was incorporated under its current name and it has created other six affiliates in the operation of NAFA’s infrastructure so far.

The Association is prepared to assist foreign professionals to develop an orientation and working plan at any stage in their careers. The Association began as a membership firm of foreign and regional attorneys. Now we offer membership to attorneys and other professionals who want to participate in our degree validation programs. We also provide seminars for our members in the Spanish and English languages to Medical Doctors Engineers, Teachers, Administrators, Bankers, Pharmacists, Computer experts, etc. Our broad goals are to promote the validation or our members’ degrees through continuous education and capacitation seminars and to promote the use of our members’ expertise.

Our Association with services for Attorneys and Professionals in general terms, represents a combined effort of a group of professionals and jurists under the direction of Teresita Barrera.

NAFA offers various seminars and programs of study in Spanish and English language for foreign professionals, together with the support of its affiliates institutions: the 1st. LEEGAL Institute of Florida, AITCA, Ford AM Realty, NAFA Attorneys, P.A., NAFA Consultants and Employment Agency, in collaboration with UNPAM UNIVERSITY, Post Graduate Section, the Institute of Commercial and Financial Arbitration (INCOFAR), and other institutions of great prestige.

One valuable seminar for foreign attorneys is called “INTERNATIONAL LAW SEMINAR”. The purpose of this Seminar is to study the US Legal System and the opportunities of Chapter 16 of the rules of the International Law Section of the Florida Bar whose purpose is to permit a person who is admitted to practice law in a foreign country to file an application to be certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, without examination, to render services in this state as a Foreign Legal Consultant regarding the laws of the Country in which the attorney is admitted to practice.

Another very valuable Seminar is for medical Assistance. An alternative of work is permitted while the doctor is preparing at NAFA for a full medical validation examination. This program is designed to provide the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain an entry level position as a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist and Psychiatric technician.

Moreover, seminars are held for teachers, architects, pharmacists, administrators and other professionals.

All these Seminars represent success for NAFA’s principal goals. That is, reintegrate brilliant foreign professionals who are residing in the United States; most of which are performing very different jobs from their careers and professions. In this way, NAFA helps them to re establish themselves into their careers, beginning new productive lives to benefit themselves, their families, their native and new residential communities.