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The National Association for Foreign Attorneys is an international Miami based association with a reputation in international relations. NAFA was founded to help attorneys validate their degrees in development of their international legal practice.

N.A.F.A., (“Asociacion Nacional para Abogados Extranjeros”) is an association composed of foreign attorneys for foreign attorneys. This association was created in 1993 by Humphrey Humberto Pachecker, an attorney and professor of immigration law, born in Habana, Cuba and educated in United States. This was after a long migration journey throughout Europe and South America, according to his autobiography “The Immigrant’s Universe” as it is displayed in Goggle Books.
This association, NAFA has had in its membership an honorable group of illustrious members. One of these illustrious members is the former president of the Republic of Guatemala, Attorney Ramiro de Leon Carpio, who was the honorary president of NAFA from 1998 until he died in 2002.

Attorney Judge George Chernoff was the senior partner together with Humphrey Humberto Pachecker in NAFA ATTORNEYS, P.A., and at George Chernoff and Associates, P.A., both were practitioners in U.S. Immigration Law. Admitted to practice in 1936 George joined the prestigious law firm Cardozo and Nathan as an Associate Attorney. He left the firm during WWII to serve as a civilian attorney with the Judge Advocate's Division of the U.S. Army Air Corps. At the end of WWII he returned to private practice. He received an Award of Merit from the Air Technical Service Command.  He is the author of a book titled, “Photography and the Law.”

The Fifth Edition of this book was released and received an excellent review by the New York Times in December 1977.

Among other illustrious members of NAFA are the following: The former Vice-President and Secretary of Education for the Republic of Santo Domingo, known officially as Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Professor Milagros Maria Ortiz Bosch.

The former President of the Republic of Venezuela, Licentiate Carlos Andrés Pérez Rodríguez

The current Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Peru, Attorney and Ambassador, José Luis Néstor Pérez Sánchez-Cerro

The writer and author of many books, Emilio Galan Guillermo Garrido, earned a continental reputation in the literary world. His most recent work in 2011 named, “Apologia del Caballo”, which is a magnificent literary work.

N.A.F.A.,under the administration of Humphrey Humberto Pachecker, was responsible for the creation of several, celebratory and commemorative events in South Florida. Officially recognized by the mayor of Miami Dade County in 1999, Mayor Alexander “Alex” Penelas. These celebratory and commemorative events are the following: “Day of the American Hispanic Judge” – “Day of the Consuls - Diplomats” – These events are observed annually, days of celebration to recognize individuals serving in Florida, United States, for their services rendered to the community. Many Judges, Consuls and Ambassadors have been awarded the NAFA’S Certificate of Distintion for their service to the public. N.A.F.A.,under the administration of Humphrey Humberto Pachecker, has founded and created another six institutions of support for NAFA ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION. One of these institution is the reestablishment of an university named, “People’s University of the Americas.”

Originally, The UNPAM University of the Americas – PUA – was established in San Juan, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1967 AD, by the Holy Orthodox Christian Church, which is the oldest Christian Church of history, founded by St. James on the eve of the Crucifixion. At its inception, PUA opened with two schools: the Faculty of Theology & Canonic Law and the Faculty of Philosophy & Literature. Master and Doctorate courses were available. Since the year of 2004 is owned by NAFA ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION.

N.A.F.A.,under the administration of Humphrey Humberto Pachecker, has establised several important presedents in education and in law. One and the most notable of these presedents in law, a lawsuit filed in U.S. Federal Courts, against defendants, Fidel Castro Ruz and the Cuban Communist Party.  This lawsuite was successfully won by Dr. Pachecker on a Defendants’ default with a petition’s judgment for two (2) billion US Dollars. This judgment was reversed later by the judge in what the Petitioner Humphrey Humberto Pachecker, called in his appeal’s brief as a judicial activism ; suspected of being based on personal or political considerations rather than on existing law. This in violation of several stare decisis, and pursuant to the ALIEN TORT CLAIMS ACT, 28 U.S.C. Section 1350 & TORTURE VICTIMS PROTECTION ACT, 106, Stat., 73, 1992.

N.A.F.A.,under the administration of Humphrey Humberto Pachecker, has published several books for the benefits of its members students. One of these books was clasiffied as a “required reading” in 2011 by the NBPTS-USA. List of sources: Individual and personal interviews with members, associates, affiliates and students of NAFA as their names are cited in this article. Other information obtained from Wikipedia online. Photos obtained from NAFA’s archives.







Honoris Cause of NAFA
NAFA President

Ramiro de León Carpio (12 January 1942 – 16 April 2002) was the President of Guatemala from 6 June 1993 to 14 January 1996

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Successful suit against

Presidente Fidel Castro Rusl Clic aqui.

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"All my gratefulness to N.A.F.A. for having given me the opportunity to accede the enormous labor field and of the progress that the United States surpassed. In gratitude to the excellent dedication and exquisite labor of the whole team composed of NAFA, I could have realized my personal dream and that of my family being able to exercise my profession out of my country, which fills me with pride. A very special gratefulness to Lic. Barrera, for her continuous struggle for the foreign attorneys in the United States. Thank you."
Alejandro J. Gutman, April 26, 2001  UNIVERSITY OF BELGRANO (ARGENTINA)


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